Per recommendation from Don, we will start the tournament in late October, to allow advertisement in the next two BPA newsletters to be distributed.    I will accept signups by email up to 6 PM Eastern time, Sunday October 19.   Games will start about 1 week later (October 26), pending membership verification.

The Tournament Format tab has been updated to reflect this.


Getting Started

As advertised during this years WBC, I’ll attempt to kick off an online tournament for Tzolkin.     Currently I’m in the process of:

  • confirming details with the BPA, including start date
  • confirming players
  • getting assistant GMs

Hope to get started in September, although we may push that back a little depending on how the above shakes out.

In theory, we currently just have enough players to begin, but I worry slightly that some may change their mind – if you know of anyone else interested, please send them my way: rpf1@mindspring.com

If you are visiting this page and want to sign up, please send me an email and let me know your email address, and as soon as possible go register at boiteajeux.net and let me know your username.