Preliminary Semifinal List Posted

Preliminary Semi-Finals list is posted on the Current Standings page.

I’ve checked through the numbers, but we’ll pause a couple of days in case those on the bubble want to double check my math.   I’ll send out a notice on Wednesday about mid-day so we can start the games.

For those who didn’t make the cut, I want to thank you for playing.   Any suggestions that might make it better or more enjoyable for next year (if we get a next year) are welcome.

Five Games Remaining

Five games remain in the second preliminary round, and we are narrowing the list for the top 8 spots.   Visit the Current Standings page for details.

We’ll try to start the semi-final rounds on MARCH 18 and have 10 weeks until MAY 27.  (Tournament Format page is updated.)

The Semi-Finals will be seeded as follows, according to standings from the preliminary rounds:

Game 3-1 1 5 4 7
Game 3-2 2 6 1 8
Game 3-3 3 7 2 5
Game 3-4 4 8 3 6

This will result in a couple of double-matches for the lower-ranked players, but it was impossible to avoid entirely.