Further Writeup

Thanks to all who played.   Feel free to email me if you are interested in another one.   If we get enough, we’ll likely target starting in October again.   Thanks also to my assistants Chris Yaure and Andrew Emerick.

Some comments on the final game:

Keith started off with two levels in Resource Extraction from his Starting Wealth tiles, but only 4 food, so this ended up as one of the few games that did NOT see someone claiming the U0,U1,U2 spaces.   He went on to execute a fairly typical Resource/Building strategy, ending up with 2 monuments and 13 buildings.   Jeff pursued a Theology strategy and dominated the Brown and Green temples, but didn’t have a monument or much in the Yellow temple, so fell short by a few points.   Andrew had a no-tech strategy and scored high in the Yellow temple at the end, while snagging 2 monuments.   Jon maxed the Resource technology and acquired 2 monuments (including a 28 point wood-tile monument) and a handful of other buildings.

Some updates to the statistics from last time (with the addition of the semi-final and final games):

1)  Uxmal start – In 41 of the 45 games, one player used the first three Uxmal spots (usually, but not necessarily the first player).   Out of those 41 games, 18 of them were won by the player who made this placement.

2)  Technology Strategies – I tried to crudely classify players’ strategies by what technologies they ended the game with.   This misses lots of other factors like starting tiles and monuments, but shows some interesting things.   Here’s how I classified them:

Agriculture: 3 levels in Agriculture with little else
Resources:  3 levels in Resources with little else
Theology:  3 levels in Theology with little else
(there were not many who tried just building, I lumped them in with Other)
Resources/Building:  3 levels in Resources and Buildings
No Tech:  no technologies at all
Low Tech: 1-3 technologies, usually all level 1
Other: did not fit neatly in any of the other categories
(I allowed for some slight variations here and there)

Here’s a list of # of times a strategy was used, and the number of times that strategy won a game

(12 /  2) Agriculture
(16 /  3) Resources
(22 /  6) Theology
(50 / 20) Resources/Building
(26 /  8) No Tech
(20 /  3) Low Tech
(31 /  3) Other

Resources/Buildings was obviously the most popular, but Theology and No Tech games were strongly represented.   It might be useful for me to run another analysis about what happens when multiple players pursue the Resources/Building strategy and if they crowd each other for space on the Tikal wheel too much.

3)  # Pieces – did picking up extra pieces help out?   Here’s the number of players who ended with and games won per piece count:

(33 /  4) 3 pieces
(53 / 14) 4 pieces
(41 /  8) 5 pieces
(50 / 19) 6 pieces

4)  Monuments – here I just counted how many monuments winning players had:

10 – no monuments
14 – 1 monument
12 – 2 monuments
8 –  3 monuments

Close games:  I missed some from last time:

Closest games:
Sceadeau (103,NT) trailed Robb (105,R/B) in game 1-7
Robb (103,AG) trailed Jon Senn (105,R/B) in game 1-19
Sceadeau (79,R/B) trailed Robb (80,R/B) in game 2-13
Sceadeau (114,R/B and FOUR monuments) trailed Cary (117,TH) in game 2-15
Sceadeau (82,NT) trailed Jon (83,R) in game 3-4

I think Sceadeau gets the Close, but no Cigar award for the tournament.   (He also just barely missed the cutoff to qualify for the Final.)   Many thanks to him for totally demolishing me in the ftf games I’ve played with him.

Top 6 spots for Laurel purposes:

1) Keith Dent

2) Jeff Meyer

3) Andrew Emerick

4) Jon Senn

5) Sceadeau D’Tela

6) Eric Freeman