Round 1 Starts

We are ready to go.    Please see the Round 1 Table Matchups tab at the top.

  1.   The First Username listed should start each game.   (This is to avoid some of the duplicate games we ran into last time.)
  2.   Game names should be of the format “BPA 2015 1-1”.   This makes it much easier for me to find the games.
  3.   All games should be the BASIC game.  (No Tribes and Prophecies)
  4.   All games will be 4 player games.
  5.   You MUST put the usernames for the other three players in the Guests fields.   Case matters for usernames.    If you put in an invalid name, it should let you know.  (Then let me know and we’ll figure out what the problem is.)

Everyone should be playing in three games.

I have tried to avoid having people playing the same person twice.   I’ve also tried to split up family members as much as possible.   But, alas, I am not a computer programmer and don’t have endless hours to tweak, so a few people will end up playing the same person twice or with a family member, but it shouldn’t happen more than once.   (in other words, please don’t ask me to switch you, that’s part of the reason why we’re playing a swiss format.)

Thanks, and good luck!


Membership verification underway

Registration is closed.   We have 32 entrants.

If you did not get an email from me this morning, then I’ve somehow dropped your name somewhere along the line.   Please get in touch with me immediately so I can ensure you get a spot in the upcoming round.