Tournament Complete!

The 2015-2016 PBEM Tzolkin tournament has concluded with 32 players harvesting corn, collecting wood, and offering skulls to their gods.   Over six rounds, we had two players (Jon Senn and Keith Dent) with perfect records.  After the semifinal round, Jon advanced to the final game, along with Andrew Emerick, Eric Freeman, and Jeff Meyer.


Andrew started things off, and soon advanced down the Theology track, eventually placing 7 skulls on Chichen Itza.  Eric went with a traditional Resources/Architecture strategy, while Jeff stuck with just Resources, while also managing to snag the 40 point monument before the first Food Day.  Jon declined to invest in technology, but did run up on the temples, getting all three first place bonuses at the halfway point, along with the 13 point/13 corn monument.


Andrew managed to push quite high on the temples, getting the Brown and Yellow bonuses at the end, but didn’t get any monuments.   Jon maintained the lead in the Green temple.   Jeff built one more monument, but only managed 4 buildings.   Eric got his engine going, eventually ending up with 2 monuments and 13 buildings, passing Andrew by 11 points.


Final Standings

1)  Eric Freeman

2)  Andrew Emerick

3)  Jon Senn

4)  Jeff Meyer

5)  Keith Dent

6)  Robb Effinger



Some comments about games:


1)  Uxmal Start – again, was common, used in 47 of the 53 games, but only 18 of those people won their game.   The start was used in all games of the semi-finals and final, but only resulted in a win for one of those players!    I suspect this is strong, but not overly so with evenly matched players.


2)  Technology Strategies: how well each rough strategy fared:


Agriculture: 3 levels in Agriculture with little else

Resources:  3 levels in Resources with little else

Theology:  3 levels in Theology with little else

(there were not many who tried just building, I lumped them in with Other)

Resources/Building:  3 levels in Resources and Buildings

No Tech:  no technologies at all

Low Tech: 1-3 technologies, usually all level 1

Other: did not fit neatly in any of the other categories

(I allowed for some slight variations here and there)


Here’s a list of # of times a strategy was used, and the number of times that strategy won a game


(24 /  4) Agriculture

(23 /  3) Resources

(20 /  5) Theology

(73 / 28) Resources/Building

(13 /  5) No Tech

(19 /  2) Low Tech

(38 /  3) Other


3)  Game statistics:

Highest winning scores:  Robb Effinger with 157 points in game 2-7.  Eric Freeman with 159 points in game 3-4.

Lowest winning score:   Sceadeau D’Tela with 69 points in game 1-5.


Closest games:

Game 1-2a, Jeff Meyer over Andrew Emerick by 2 points

Game 1-12, Randy Buehler over Ben Scholl by 0.5 points!

Game 1-18, Ryan Kruger over Rich Meyer by 0.75 points

Game 2-19, Dominic Blais over Ryan Kruger by 2 points


Some unusual games:

Game 1-1, Jeff Meyer built five (!) monuments in addition to 3 other buildings.

Game 1-15, Robb Effinger won a game in which the bulk of his points came from level 2 of the Architecture track, as he built 15 buildings, but no monuments.