Tournament Format


GM:  Rob Flowers (

Assistant GMs:  DJ Borton and Steve Lewinter

Boardgame Players Association:

In order to play, you must have at least a PBEM membership at the time of tournament start.   This costs $10 and can be accomplished at their website.

Approximate Calendar Period:

  • Signups accepted by email ( until 6 PM Eastern Time, Sunday July 15.
  • Games will start one week later (July 22) pending BPA membership confirmation.
  • Round limits will be flexible, although players will be penalized for slow play.  I’m hoping rounds will go no longer than 8-10 weeks.
  • First round will be 4 simultaneous games for all players, approximately July 22 to September 23.   (This will be 9 weeks, allowing an extra week with possible summer vacations.)
  • Second round will be 4 simultaneous games, approximately September 23 to November 18.
  • Third round will be 4 simultaneous games, approximately November 18 to January 20.  (This will be 9 weeks, allowing an extra week for the holidays.)

NOTE:  A minimum of 25 players are required for this to be run as a BPA sponsored tournament.   Should we get less than the 25 required, I may offer to run it as an unofficial tournament.


We will be using Yucata.

Players must register on Yucata and let the GM know of their usernames.     The site is also free of charge.

I recommend that you at least try starting a pickup game to get a feel for the mechanics of how the game interface works.

The site generally allows you to backup and restart your turn if you have not completely finished.   Like in real life, you CANNOT back up your turn once you have flipped colonies.

It’s worth noting that the website allows something that runs contrary to how I’ve customarily played this in person.   In a Sailing action, you can move some of your ships, take a discovery chit (and flip colonies), and THEN move the remainder of your ships.    This can definitely make a difference in play.   The written rules don’t prohibit this, and I don’t have any good way of policing it, so it will be permitted.  (Maybe I’ve just been doing it wrong all these years.)

Players should try and check the site at least once daily, when not on vacation.

We will be NOT be using the Variant on Yucata (“King’s privilege in Goa”)

Reporting Games:

We will use a Google Sheet for reporting game results.


All games will be four-player games.

First round will be 4 simultaneous games for all players.    Players will score 10 points for 1st place, 7 points for second place, 4 points for third place, and 1 point for fourth place.   All players will get also get a tiebreak factor of:

  • Winners: your score divided by the second place player’s score, OR
  • Everyone else: your score divided by the winning player’s score

Players will be ranked accordingly and 50% of players (or 50% minus 1) will move on to the second round.

Second round will be 4 more simultaneous games, will 50% of players moving to third round.

The third round should be about 6-8 people (unless we get insane participation) and play four more games.  Players will be ranked to award laurels to the top six finishers.

With 30 signups, the cutoffs for the advanced rounds will be 15 and then 7 participants.

Round Length:

As Navegador is a variable turn game, we won’t have strict round limits at first.   I looked through some Yucata play logs and the number of player actions can vary WIDELY, some games were around 115 total actions while some went to 155.  If we get at least 2-3 actions a day, the round length should be about 8 to 10 weeks.   I’m hoping they will go faster.

If players will be on vacation without internet access, they must let the GM know and post a message within all their current games.   If you plan to take more than one week of vacation, please clear that with the GM before starting.  (You can, in addition, set your status on the page to show you are on vacation, if you wish.)

If a player is NOT on vacation and fails to take a move within 48 hours, please alert the GM.   If a player has more than two complaints for the game, that player may be penalized points (tournament points) after consultation with the Assistant GMs.

Drop Outs:

Players are expected to complete all games they are invited to.

If a player drops out DURING a game (or doesn’t take a move for at least 1 week with no vacation or other notice), the GM and assistant GMs will consult and decide whether to adjudicate the game or restart the game without the player.